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Lotus + Aire

Lotus + Aire Founder and CEO

If there were no more tomorrows what choices would you make today? What would you wear? What would you eat? Who would you become?

I believe we learn from our pasts. That a strong foundation promotes longevity. And life's worthiest moments are in its details.

Behind the Brand

Lotus + Aire was founded in 2017 armed with a vision of a better world that inspires and empowers inclusive multiculturalism and a passion for sexy and relatable skin care steeped in Ayurvedic principles.

My name is Sumam. I am the founder of Lotus + Aire. My love affair with skin-care began when I was six years old. You would find me puttering around my Momom's kitchen mixing my own masks and cheek stains out of tomato sauce, saffron and turmeric paste. As hideous as that may sound it was rather exciting till I was caught well... red-handed that is. I was onto to something there by the way. I grew up watching Momom mix up concoctions, aromatic, colorful powders and oils for her skin and face.

I was fascinated with it and her. I wasn't your average six year old; born in Boston raised in the Northeastern part of the United States, my beginnings were normal enough. I was always an old soul trapped in a child's body, borrowing my aunt's red lipstick and rouge. Dressing up in her soft floral silk sarees. An observer of people and a storyteller, I lived in my thoughts a lot more than most. I eagerly awaited summer vacations when I would visit my Momom in India. At pungent spice markets, grain mills and busy streets with colorful fabric and crowds of people, I would walk holding her hand.

Playing with herbs, curds, and spices, listening to stories of my ancestors, reading books, I spent my summers with my large extended family that celebrated nature in all its forms. Food, makeup, and skin care a lot of it came from the same place. Momom's kitchen. There were only two things I was sure of; I was obsessed with my grandmother, and I wanted to learn everything she knew about this miracle called Ayurveda. And I did.

How it all comes together

I believe our pasts are the key to our future. And I brought mine with me to explore and replicate the best parts of it to share with you. I am doing my part in providing you with products made with nourishing oils, purifying clays and pure additives like goats milk, honey, dried fruit peels, and many other exotic and vibrant herbs and spices that are an integral part of Ayurveda.

Staying true to the essence of quality over quantity, I make my products in small batches. Only using the best ingredients and always pushing the creativity threshold never compromising on quality.

Why I do what I do

We exist in an era of conscientious living, finding a way to simplify our complicated lives keeping impurities and harmful components at bay is the key to living a healthy, clean life. Balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle, and a good handle on skin care is my small contribution to help maintain that balance.

Even the hardest of life's circumstances can be made better with a good skin loving soap, scrub or body butter. I aim not just to put soap in your hands I strive to make the age-old science of Ayurveda relatable and relevant to your life today. Choreographing your experience to transcend your circumstance.

I have harnessed the best elements nature has to offer and infused them with decadent luxury churned from a rich culture of self-care and balance-driven lifestyle which is thriving in the healthy people who practice it. Explore your whimsy with me, your skin will thank you for it.