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Premission to be Imperfect

I was told gently by many well-wishers grieving meant losing composure; it is falling apart needing a shoulder to cry on or crying. They didn't just expect it; they waited for it. And it wouldn't come.
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What Lies Beneath

Why It's Important to Talk About It

People who struggle with mental illness suffer in silence. Partly because they can't acknowledge it themselves and then there is the added pressure of the social and societal taboo. 

As a parent, a friend and a fallible person myself, I feel very strongly that we can do better for the Jennys of the world. We must. It's also important to know what to look for in our loved ones and in ourselves. To do better, we must know better. Here are some telltale signs of High functioning depression. Look for these in yourself and in others so you can help.

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    The Medicine Bag

    I have many memories of my father. None of them were typical of many other fathers. He wasn't the friendly neighbor flipping burgers at our backyard parties, or the soccer dad screaming encouragement from the sidelines.
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    A Message of Solidarity

    The recent events, ignited by the killing of George Floyd, are tragic and heartbreaking. We at Lotus and Aire feel the pain rooted in this injustice. Emotions of anger, fear, and sadness overwhelm us as we work through the intensity and unrest around us.


    There is a great deal of uncertainty in many parts of our lives and our community right now. For Lotus and Aire, the one certainty is that we look to our values as our moral compass to manage through this national crisis. Our purpose is to serve, and we stand for what is right; that’s who we are and what we do.

    We stand against racism and social injustice.


    We’ve been watching as the events of this week unfolded before us and more importantly, we’re listening for opportunities to help and to heal. As always, our best response to any situation comes from listening to the thoughts and feelings of our customers.


    Thank you for being a part of our family.


    Lotus and Aire Team

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    A Guide to Mindful Living Self Care and Survival

    Everything in life is a Choice.


    Choose to eat healthy.

    Choose to exercise whether it be yoga or running or HIIT training or simply walking long distances communing with nature.

    Choose to make mindful decisions throughout the day on how you handle stressful situations.

    Choose to embrace hopeful exuberance through living a positive life.

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