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Beauty And Balance

A Guide to Mindful Living Self Care and Survival

Everything in life is a Choice.


Choose to eat healthy.

Choose to exercise whether it be yoga or running or HIIT training or simply walking long distances communing with nature.

Choose to make mindful decisions throughout the day on how you handle stressful situations.

Choose to embrace hopeful exuberance through living a positive life.

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The Paradigm of Ayurvedic Beauty

When life hands you an obstacle find ways to overcome them with positivity and lightheartedness. Choosing to embrace the beauty and joy of simple feelings instead of wallowing in the negativity and chaos of turbulent emotions is always the answer to beauty and vitality on the inside and the outside.
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Guide To The Culture of Scents

As a child, I associated being "home" with the whiff of something sweet and luxurious. Like coming home from school and walking in the kitchen while Mom was at the kitchen table paying bills. Familiar and a sight I took for granted till it was gone forever. Later I would learn a few things about myself and the role of scent in my emotional wellbeing, one that I have a strong sense of smell and two Mom used a combination of  Chanel #5 and Beautiful by Estée Lauder. It is incredible the things we remember about someone after they've passed. I spent hours blending scents and sniffing her clothes to replicate the exact scent that reminded me of her.
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Beauty Sleep And Skincare

Sleep and Skin

Sleep is an extraordinary thing. It feeds our brain, body, and skin, and if we don't get enough of it, we deprive each of these elements of the strength it needs to thrive.

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Unmask Your Beauty Naturally

Who doesn't want to look good every day like those models on magazine covers? A lot of prep went into making that possible. Doesn't mean it is impossible. A solid beauty routine is a key to unlock blemish free and healthy skin.
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