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The Paradigm of Ayurvedic Beauty

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The Road to Simple Self Care

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In a time when beauty considered in many cultures to be a "fair" complexion or a thin figure or the shape and size of the eyes, nose, and lips - let us introspect by looking back to a time when beauty was defined in wholesome and natural terms, and it was within every woman's reach. 

The age old science of ayurveda defines beauty as the three pillars. Roopam is outer beauty —which is shining healthy hair, soft and clear complexion. Gunam refers to inner beauty — character, personality and the content and demeanor of your outlook in life. And vayastyag means lasting beauty — looking, and feeling, younger, the overall balance of your body - physical and mental health. Ayurvedic beauty is a focus on over all balance of beauty - health inside outside and the environment that we live in all coming together like the beats to a song. Each out songs are unique and like no other.

The Food


We are what we eat. Ayurveda is strongly based on this notion that radiant, clear skin begins with proper nutrition, efficient digestion and the integration of nutrients by the body from the foods we eat and regular expulsion of body generated waste. It's all about diet. There are simple Ayurvedic principles you can follow, even if you are a beginner.

  • Don't skip meals!
  • Eat when you are hungry but eat right.
  • Eat your largest meal at mid-day.
  • Eat to three-fourths of your capacity, do not over eat.
  • Mindful eating. Focus on your food. Don't divide your attention with TV or work.
  • Don't drink ice-cold beverages. They slow down your digestive process
Include a balance of naturally sweet fruits and greens, and leafy vegetables in your diet.
Sip warm or room temperature water through the day to help flush toxins from the body and maintain hydration.

    These suggestions sound simple. But how many of us really follow them? Good eating habits require a lot of [pre-planning. And in a busy and stressful daily schedule pre-planning isn't as easy or practical it seems. With the tremendous benefits associated with simple living, I believe trying to pre-plan your meals and time your eating is a worthy cause to take up.

    Sleep is the second most important thing in a balanced life. Our bodies need rest in order to rejuvenate themselves. Modern breakthroughs in sleep medicine  indicated sleep is the most important aspect of nourishing our bodies and minds, this is a principle guiding source in Ayurveda which has been around  for 5000 years.

    The Sleep

    Lotus + Aire

    • Go to bed before early. Wake up early. Get 8 hours minimum.
    • Start your day with a full-body massage with an herbal or aroma massage oil And I have just the one for you in the aromatic rose infused Synergy Body Oil.
    • Drink a soothing cup of herbal tea before bed to calm the mind and soul.
    • Don't take your work into your bedroom plug your phones and laptops away from you.
    • Breathing exercises help calm your mind.
    • Take a relaxing warm bath a couple of hours before bed use Balance, Goats Milk Bath tea.
    • Spraying calming lavender on your pillows and room helps induce calm.
    • Eat a light meal at dinner, at least 2-3 hours before bedtime avoid sugars and carbohydrates if you can.


    The Third corner stone is behavior. How do we synthesize stress. Our actions have reactions and how we handle them daily determines the pathways within which our behaviors travel. Again, a daily body massage centers the body. Practicing deep breathing and meditation centers the soul, listening to uplifting music, inspirational ideas bring forth hope and keeps the mind active — anything you do to balance the mind and emotions will be reflected in your appearance, your skin your hair and your overall vitality. 

    Living a Full Life

    Lotus + Aire

    Finding joy in simplicity shouldn't just be about following rules or setting straightforward regiments for self care through daily activities. It is in the smallest of details in how you look at life, Through positivity and joy.

    • Find things that bring joy.
    • Cultivate friendships with people who promote joy calm and positivity.
    • Share your life with those who understand your energy.
    • Stay above the fray by avoiding those who delve in pettiness and shallow ideology.  

    When life hands you an obstacle find ways to overcome them with positivity and lightheartedness. Choosing to embrace the beauty and joy of simple feelings instead of wallowing in the negativity and chaos of turbulent emotions is always the answer to beauty and vitality on the inside and the outside.


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