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Guide To The Culture of Scents

As a child, I associated being "home" with the whiff of something sweet and luxurious. Like coming home from school and walking in the kitchen while Mom was at the kitchen table paying bills. Familiar and a sight I took for granted till it was gone forever. Later I would learn a few things about myself and the role of scent in my emotional wellbeing, one that I have a strong sense of smell and two Mom used a combination of  Chanel #5 and Beautiful by Estée Lauder. It is incredible the things we remember about someone after they've passed. I spent hours blending scents and sniffing her clothes to replicate the exact scent that reminded me of her.
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Massage Your Way to Mental and Physical Harmony

Abhyanga is a form of massage rooted in an Ayurvedic practice that dates back thousands of years. The word Abhyanga is derived from the root language Sanskrit where it is two words. Abhi means ‘towards’ and anga, means ‘movement.’ We will talk about the significance of this name in a little bit. I come from a family that regularly practices Ayurvedic massage. While this may seem like a fad or something exotic from far away lands to many, it was a common practice to me. The kids in my family have been raised on oil massages since we were infants.
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Steam Away Your Fears

Our history is littered with references were steaming is linked directly to health and beauty. Turkish bathhouses, Native American sweat lodges, Swedana in Ayurvedic practice and enter the present day sauna and hot tubs. We have always had some form of steaming in self-care in every culture and continent. Know by different names, be it in a Russian Banya or a modern-day health club. 
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DeCoding Ayurvedic Skincare

Most often we shy away from learning the wisdom of old cultures who have deciphered the mysteries long before some method we embrace today and newly discovered. It is essential to look back and learn from our predecessors all that we can before we approach wide-eyed toward the cutting edge that was trademarked by some big brand. If we do that it is impossible to ignore how much of what we consider the new is indeed very old.
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The Miracle of Ayurvedic Dry Brushing.

Ayurveda is an ancient system. The word (Ayur) means life (Veda) means knowledge. The knowledge of life encompasses everything relating to the human body, mind, and spirit. The skin an integral part of that composition. Balance is the key to a healthy life inside and out.
In this blog, we will be talking about one of the many practices that are popular in Ayurvedic health and skincare.
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