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Tips And Tricks

Tips On Internet Safety and Netiquette.

Today we are going to talk about internet etiquette and safety. While Emily Post may not have a book out on internet etiquette or better known as netiquette, it certainly exists. I wish more people understood and practiced it.
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A Love Affair With Neem

Neem and I have a long-standing love affair. I remember when I'd had measles as a child on summer, my grandmom plucked fresh neem leaves from the backyard garden and stone ground it to a paste laboriously applying it on me several times a day. While the stench was beyond bearable the itching, however, was considerably better.
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Unmask Your Beauty Naturally

Who doesn't want to look good every day like those models on magazine covers? A lot of prep went into making that possible. Doesn't mean it is impossible. A solid beauty routine is a key to unlock blemish free and healthy skin.
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Why I Love Body Scrubs and You Should Too

Body exfoliation has been an integral part of the Ayurvedic deep-cleansing practice. On an external level, daily exfoliation can stimulate the skin, eliminate toxins effectively, and remove dead cells while speeding up cell regeneration. All necessary elements of maintaining glowing and youthful skin while slowing down the aging process.

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Four Simple ways to Spare Skin from the Summer Slump

I love summers, don't you? The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and all that vitamin D is just waiting for your skin to soak it all up. No more staying couped up at home hiding from frigid temperatures, it's time to step out into the light, literally. 

Just follow these three simple steps and you will have happy skin all summer long.

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