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A Love Affair With Neem

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Neem and It's Numerous Benefits 

Neem and I have a long-standing love affair. I remember when I'd had measles as a child on summer, my grandmom plucked fresh neem leaves from the backyard garden and stone ground it to a paste laboriously applying it on me several times a day. While the stench was beyond bearable the itching, however, was considerably better. Wondering where I am from? Well, that is complicated. And for another day. I was born and raised here in the good 'ole US of A but spent quite a bit of time in my childhood among my extended family in India. I am of Indian heritage and bring that culture and my inherited customs to mingle well with my American values, lifestyle, and beliefs. A lot similar to the blend of my skincare line. Smooth, intense and well curated.


Where is Neem From?

Neem, also known as Indian lilac (Azadirachta indica), has antibacterial and anti-allergenic properties, so it is beneficial in relieving itching that often occurs with the rash or in my case the measles. The neem tree is indigenous to the Indian subcontinent where it enjoys cultural significance and is used for many medicinal and cosmetic purposes. It also makes a mean tea with health-related benefits. Neem tea is an herbal infusion made from the whole or ground leaves sometimes even the flower or bark of the neem tree. Neem though relatively unknown among the masses has grown in popularity over the years among the bath and body crafters and the handmade product enthusiasts. And rightfully so because Neem has powerful properties. Neem oil is a brownish green liquid with a high garlicky scent and extremely bitter taste. In India, it is commonly cultivated in many home gardens to meet most of the family's medical needs.

The insecticidal properties of neem are well known and have been exploited in many organic pesticides. Every part of the plant, including the bark and the roots, contain these active compounds and has been used extensively in indigenous medicine, but herbal remedies mainly using the leaves because of their abundant availability.

How Neem Oil is Made

Neem oil of the highest quality is obtained through cold pressing, and the oil cake left behind after this process is then subjected to solvent extraction to get lower grade oil. This is mainly used in industrial products such as neem-based soaps, fungicides, pesticides, etc. When you buy neem oil for cosmetic and medicinal use, make sure that it is high quality, cold pressed, pure oil and sourced ethically. Many soaps and scrubs and made with neem oil and they yield a lot of Neem's qualities.

Neem leaves are used to make face washes and creams for oily skin that are prone to acne. The face packs and face masks made with neem powder, neem leaves or neem oil are beneficial to get rid of blemishes, pimples and cure other skin infections. Neem oil is an excellent source of nourishment for hair growth, strengthening and shine. Aphrodite Amla and Neem Hair Oil encapsulate this potency to give you the best oil for vibrant healthy hair growth.


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