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Why I Love Body Scrubs and You Should Too

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Sloughing is Sexy!

Before I jump in with both feet, let me mention that body scrubs are my all time favorite skin treatment since I was a child. I have used some form of scrub or polish religiously in my bath ritual, since my pre-teen years. Skin concerns begin at the set of puberty for most. If you are the lucky few like I was in my youth, then you can simply skate past with minor breakouts to major flare ups with little to no care. But if you are not so lucky then let me tell you the way you treat your skin and the foods you eat directly relate to how clear, and problem free your skin remains.

The benefits and methods described below have seen years of experience, not just mine but generations of our predecessors who have successfully used exfoliation to maintain youthful skin with no chemical or surgical intervention. If they could, so can we.

Rooted in Ayurveda

Body exfoliation has been an integral part of the Ayurvedic deep-cleansing practice. On an external level, daily exfoliation can stimulate the skin, eliminate toxins effectively, and remove dead cells while speeding up cell regeneration. All necessary elements of maintaining glowing and youthful skin while slowing down the aging process.

There are many internal benefits induced with the exfoliating motion that relaxes and calms nerves and clears the mind in the process. The benefits of this are markedly more than skin deep.

Ayurvedic beauty treatments are gentle and natural blending seamlessly into the harmony of our bodies.  When it comes to body and face scrubs, I have a very simple policy. If you wouldn't eat it, then don't put it on your skin. This doesn't mean you start gobbling up your scrubs that are made with deliciously nourishing and natural ingredients. It just means you want to carefully look at your skin care and analyze why something is in the jar if it isn't natural. In an exfoliant, less is definitely really more.

Body scrubs and polishes offer benefits  both to body and mind :

  • Remove pore-clogging, dead cells, which are often the cause of in-grown hairs, and fine lines
  • Increase circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system (your body’s waste elimination network), decreases inflammation, and speeds up cell regeneration.
  • Boost collagen production to fight against sun damage, free radicals, and environmental pollutants.
  • Relax with the calming motions of exfoliation and self-massage that comes with that process.

    The Types of Scrubs You will Find :

    Generally, a body scrub has larger exfoliating particles. Multiple grades of sugar or salt with a blend of oils and butters than a facial or lip scrubs. The skin on your body can use a rougher exfoliant while the skin on your face and lips are much more sensitive and require less pressure and abrasion.

    Most common ingredients in store-bought scrubs are salt, sugar, crushed nut shells, crushed soy, and different grades of pumice. Some scrubs include chemical exfoliants, like alpha hydroxy and glycolic acids, while they all aid in treating different skin issues are unnecessary for a regular skin exfoliation ritual on problem free skin.

    We had some amazing body scrubs made entirely with fresh and natural ingredients designed to balance and restore your skin's natural glow and health.

    At Lotus + Aire, there is a reason why we start the clock on our scrubs when you place the order. We do not use synthetic preservatives to prolong shelf life on our scrubs. We keep it completely simple and only add what it needs, nothing more. Using the freshest of ingredients to formulate it, so you get the best results because we take away the guesswork out of skin care simplifying the process.

    My Grandma taught me that the best skin care remedies are right in my kitchen. 

    And I have never forgotten her lessons. I would love for you to buy my deliciously made scrubs but I also think you can make your own buffing scrub with ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Like olive oil, honey, raw sugar, ground cloves, oatmeal, rice powder, and even ground coffee which makes one of my favorite scrubs of all time. Adding your favorite essential oils to the mixture transforming your daily shower into an experience of luxury and decadence. 


    The freshest of ingredients make the most beneficial products. Quality is the determining factor between a good and fair skin exfoliator.

    If you have healthy skin, you can use a sugar or salt scrub up to three times a week. Personally, I use more of the sugar than the salt in the winter months. Salt scrubs have many benefits but can also dry out skin in cold weather. But if you have sensitive or thin skin, limit a good buffing to once a week and stick with sugar and rather than nuts, flours or salt.

    The Process

    1. Wet your body, turn off the shower, and spend a few minutes using your hands or a warm towel to rub your scrub in circular motions onto skin then turn on the water and rinse, using your hands to help remove any remaining granules. If you’re short on time, massage the scrub all over your body and rinse during your normal shower routine.
    2. Be careful not to over scrub; this will irritate skin and leave it sensitive and burning. Though your body skin is heartier than the skin on your face, it is susceptible to irritation, and if you make scrubs at home be aware of the ingredients, you place in your scrub some citrus peels and oils can leave you sensitive to the sun if you plan to be out right after the shower. Pat dry your skin. And this applies to any shower you take. There is no reason to rub and scrub with a towel to dry your skin. And always moisturize after you’ve dried off for smooth, nourished skin.

    Exfoliation compliments and enhances so many of our other daily and weekly rituals.  Like oil cleansing and dry brushing. The most obvious benefit of exfoliating skin can help smooth out shaving bumps, prevent ingrown hairs and even fade out dark spots from frequent epilation, waxing, and shaving.

    If you use a self-tanner. Try a non-oily body scrub before applying any tanning lotion to guarantee an even application. By removing the dead skin cells, you’ll avoid splotches and dark spots, especially around your knees and elbows. Body scrubs are also great for removing self-tanner from your body in case you change your mind.

    Tips for brown girls

    I don't know about you, but I tan in seconds of being exposed to the sun. On a typical day at the beach, I can go from supple olive skin to a cocoa brown. Blame it on genetics or a south Asian thing... I tend to tan unevenly. While I love my tan during the summer months, a patchy tan is not attractive at all. Regular exfoliation helps me avoid this patchy tan that I struggled with for years. I discovered very much by accident that I can exfoliate my way to an even shade all over. Isn't that everyone's struggle these days?

    **Also don't forget to wear sunblock while in the sun but remember sunblock isn't a tan blocker; many people tend to mix that up.**

    When Should you NOT Use a Scrub

    If you have a sunburn, excessively dry skin, open wounds, a rash or other skin conditions like inflammation, give scrubbing a rest until you are completely healed. Some of the ingredients like essential oils—and the actual rubbing motion —could aggravate and irritate your skin. You’ll also want to skip exfoliating after shaving (exfoliate before shaving to get a closer shave but not after) if your scrub contains salt or citrus peels and citrus oils refrain from using it on inflamed or stressed out skin.

      Not all Body scrubs are created equal

      Some scrubs found in stores commonly contain harmful chemicals and even use small plastic beads as the exfoliating agents. You want a natural body scrub that won't harm you and is also eco- friendly. Body scrubs are washed off, go down the drain and end up in the environment so be conscious of the footprint you leave behind. Also, there is no evidence that plastic beads and chemical components are more effective than the natural scrubs made with earth-friendly components.

      We have great natural whole body scrub perfect for the summer months made with mineral rich salts and essential oils. And did I mention they smell heavenly?


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