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Beauty Sleep And Skincare

Sleep and Skin

Sleep is an extraordinary thing. It feeds our brain, body, and skin, and if we don't get enough of it, we deprive each of these elements of the strength it needs to thrive.

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A Love Affair With Neem

Neem and I have a long-standing love affair. I remember when I'd had measles as a child on summer, my grandmom plucked fresh neem leaves from the backyard garden and stone ground it to a paste laboriously applying it on me several times a day. While the stench was beyond bearable the itching, however, was considerably better.
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My Hearth To Yours

We are the sum of our experiences. Every one of us is pieced together by our circumstances, build from our thoughts and dreams, forged with burning emotion and framed with the vision of the future. I am no different. Susceptible to the pressures of society, as a girl growing up in a world which screams for conformity from the moment I stepped out of my home, programmed to belong to something larger than myself, asked to dance to a tune that was already playing.
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Unmask Your Beauty Naturally

Who doesn't want to look good every day like those models on magazine covers? A lot of prep went into making that possible. Doesn't mean it is impossible. A solid beauty routine is a key to unlock blemish free and healthy skin.
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Ways To Destress and Unwind with Grace

The Alchemy of Touch

Human beings flourish under touch. This is a proven fact from tests done on newborns, animals and countless scenarios and experiments all conclude we need it, we thrive on it, and it provides an X-factor in situations. Some say touch triggers endorphins.

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