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Finding Happy

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Where is Your Happy Place?

Watching the sunrise while I do my Utkatasana (Chair Pose) on a cool summer day. Burying my feet in the sand while I watch the waves crash ashore, or merely standing in the woods listening to the swaying of the leaves on age-old trees telling me their story. This is where my "happy" lives. 

We all have a purpose in life. Whatever aspirations we hang on that goal and however we dress it up. At the core of that particular purpose lies our need to find happiness. Sometimes we stumble along the way to finding our happy place and need gentle reminders of where it might be. 

A calming rhythm, a comfortable routine is a safe place to look for your happiness. But not always. What happens when life throws you a curve ball? Like when your toddler sneaks down the steps after bedtime, gets ahold of your wine glass and spills it all over your expensive white shag rug....(true story)

Well ...you adapt.

On any given day there are a hundred things that can suck your joy from you if you let it. So don't.

Ways to Fill Your Happy Bag


Here are some things you can start doing to help keep your happy bag full.

Teach yourself to power meditate. (Just 15 minutes)

Pay it Forward. Show kindness to strangers without reason or expectation.

Grab yourself a self-care item that benefits the world or supports a cause you love.

Donate or gift something you don't use anymore to someone who needs it.

Keep a grateful journal even if it is on your phone under notes. Write something worthy every day.

Take a break from social media to clear your head. Tune out the noise.

This is a weird one but works wonders. Stop watching the News

Listen to your favorite songs that make you happy. Music surf to find a new song that meets your beat.

Watch a good movie. One that makes you think and inspires you. My go to is the Notebook.

Call a friend just because and shoot the breeze with them.

Remember to laugh. Humor is a natural happiness booster.

Clean a cluttered space. Trust me a clean and organized space does wonders for your mood and sense of accomplishment.

Observe people. Being a student of life broadens perspective and is a natural mood booster.

Deep dive into your goals. Progress always generates positivity.

Being happy isn't a state of passive being. It is more an act that requires deliberation. When we were children the joy we felt was pure and abundant, we can find our way back to that carefree joy with a few simple steps. Once we can see the path that most suits us to reach our joy our happy bags will always overflow! 

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