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5 Tips to Super Charge Your Summer Skin

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Perfection is Progress

When you envision your dream summer do you see glowing smooth skin. Healthy and thick hair, do you feel relaxed and at ease in your skin and in your mental space?  You can totally achieve that without breaking the bank. Don't panic you don't have to do a complete overhaul of your winter routine to prepare for the summer. Just tweak it a little. When it comes to a perfect summer skin care, the key is to wind down and connect with the small details that will take your skin to the next level.

1. Baby Steps

While you tend to lean toward compensating for dry skin in the winters with extra emmolient creams and moisturizing cleansers. In the summer, lean toward lightweight foam cleansers and naturally cooling toners to heighten your skin's need for a chill down and satiating needs.

My favorite toner is definitely Nirvana Hydrating Mist, it is lightweight and easy wearing for any time of day and night, you cab spritz it to freshen up your make up or to cool down your face in the summer heat.

2. Start Summer Care when it's still Snowing

Make small changes to your skin care routine and wind down the winter care while it is still chilly out so giving your skin the chance to gear up toward a summer environment early.

 When it comes to most things less is definitely more, beware of overdoing a good thing. There are a myriad of great products out there but being overzealous with a routine and adding too many care products at one time can back fire. In the event that you have an allergic reaction it would be hard to tell which product is the culprit.

If you have-not been exfoliating your skin in the winter then let me just say it's time to start. We have just the right one for you. My favorite for the winter to summer transformation is Elevate Salt Scrub

3. SPF it  Baby!

Sun block should be an all year around thing for you. And it is the foundation of all great skin care routines. The reason is that while the burning UVB rays are much weaker in winter, the skin aging UVA rays don’t fluctuate as much throughout the seasons. I suggest finding an SPF30-50 to slow down the aging process and keep your skin in optimal condition long-term.

A great way to rejuvenate your skin is quite literally using the Rejuvenate Ayurvedic Face Steam every day. 

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