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My Hearth To Yours

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A Journey Through Time

We are the sum of our experiences. Every one of us is pieced together by our circumstances, build from our thoughts and dreams, forged with burning emotion and framed with the vision of the future. I am no different. Susceptible to the pressures of society, as a girl growing up in a world which screams for conformity from the moment I stepped out of my home, programmed to belong to something larger than myself, asked to dance to a tune that was already playing. Many of us never question why things are the way they are. Lucky for me I didn't have the luxury of being normal. I was a square peg in a round hole. Always.  So I had nothing but questions. Someone born in the wrong era. I spent my youth buried in books. An astute bookworm who poured through pages soaking in the knowledge that I never thought I'd need or use. It turns out I was wrong. How many of you are like me? How many of you find yourself often alone in a crowded room immersed in your thoughts? Then this blog is for you.

Square Peg in a Round Hole

I didn't choose my battles, but I certainly embraced them. Believing in simpler times, I wanted to do things that made sense to me and simple - made sense. Whether it was with clothing or food, sentiments or skincare common sense took priority to complicated spins. It was easy to do. My life was quite unconventional. I spent my childhood with my grandparents who in large part defined my identity. My grandfather was a pious and simple man, and I grew up watching my grandmother making delicious food from scratch and skin care concoctions in her kitchen that worked like magic. Watching her use the leftover home churned butter like lotion for her hands was my normal. She used to make body polishes with different flours and oils to exfoliate and smooth skin. It is true that you take for granted the things you are surrounded by. It will be years later that I will recognize how much I miss her and this simplicity of being.

She made potent hair oils from scratch at home in a giant vat slaving over it for hours. Then packing them carefully and shipping them across the globe to all her children living in different countries. All the women in my family have thick naturally voluminous hair. The men can't be helped really. Genetics has some sway you see in male balding. Even potent handcrafted oils have their limits.

Not All That Glitters is Gold

The bigger the institution, the more dependable we've been told it is. The more familiar a face toting its authenticity and we take it like it were the word of God. Big billboards, posters, glamorous ads, and glitzy packaging the more we are willing to trust it. The higher the price, then it must be more efficient. We are cultivated to respect the big and ignore the small.

I am asking you to step out of the crowd and embrace your need to know what you truly like beyond the opinions that are programmed into your psyche by the screaming signs that surround your environment. Don't get it twisted. I am not in the business of converting avid big brand shoppers to handmade skin care enthusiasts. I leave that task to others. I am however in the market for sharing information that allows everyone to think outside the prescribed "box." In a world flooded with information, it's important to be able to discern fact from fiction and sift through to the useful while discarding the useless.


Let's Take a Journey Down Coconut Lane


Coconut oil has been a staple of food and skin care for centuries in East Asian countries. If you look around you will find those who swear by the benefits for coconut oil and those who poo-poo on it. Let me make myself clear. Coconut oil is every bit the miracle it is touted to be. While it may be a fad for many, the use of coconut oil has seen centuries of proven test subjects. Entire generations have thrived on it. 

Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has several health benefits, that which applies to this post is its usefulness in hair and skin care. Do you know the reason for long and shining hair of women in tropical countries and coastal regions? Yes, it is coconut oil. Women in tropical coastal areas of the world use this oil for their hair almost daily. I will admit I did not. My family had a somewhat complicated blend of oils for hair which worked exceptionally well. But I did use coconut oil to tan a crispy brown in the summertime on the beach. (As if I needed any tanning)  To give myself a nice sheen on freshly waxed legs right before strutting out in my shorts, rubbed it into my cuticles after doing my nails or before bed. I used coconut oil on my lips when I needed some extra TLC. I even rubbed some onto the ends of my curly hair to keep those tight curls locked in and frizz free. I've had coconut in my food and drank coconut water when I was parched and added coconut milk to my soups and my soaps. Believe me when I say this. Life would be far less colorful without coconut oil.


How to Use Coconut Oil in Hair

Coconut Oil, this thick butter-like oil helps in healthy growth of hair and keeps it shiny and luxurious. How to use it without looking like a drowned cat. Coconut oil is greasy so sporting it on your hair will make you look oily. Not a good look for anyone. Let me help you with how to balance style and serious care. Take it from someone who has had to balance east and west in her life. You can oil your hair and reap its benefits without looking greasy and smelling like coconuts. Make yourself a coconut oil mask for your hair and use it every three days. Warm coconut oil, it's best if you do this in a microwave and wrist test it to make sure it is not too hot. Then wet your scalp lightly with a spray bottle if you have one and then massage this warm oil into your scalp. Then press it from root to end and twist your hair into a bun. I like to wrap my hair in a soft microfiber towel, or you can always use a thin fabric tee. In the spirit of full disclosure, I have very thick dark and curly hair. The T-shirt keeps my hair from frizzing out and turning into a tumbleweed. I do this before bed and line my pillow with a towel to keep it from staining. A full night of oil soaking into your scalp works wonders for your scalp and hair. This massaging of oil stimulated your scalp and helps revitalize hair growth while the hydration soaks into the protein strands of hair from root to tip. In the morning use your choice of mild shampoo to wash off the oil and condition and style as necessary. Usage of shampoo is also a considerable cause of overly dried scalp and frizzy hair. Use a tiny bit of shampoo, preferably a sulfate and paraben free one. Here quantity is not quality, and less is more.

The Benefits of Coconut oil in skin care by Lotus + Aire

Worried about over-processed, damaged and dried out hair? Coconut oil is the solution. It is an excellent conditioner and helps with the growth of damaged hair. It also provides the essential proteins required for nourishing and healing damaged hair. 

By regularly massaging your head with coconut oil, you can ensure that your scalp is dandruff free, even if your scalp is chronically dry. It also helps in keeping your hair and scalp free from lice and lice eggs. A considerable concern among school going children and those who mingle with them. AKA me. We've been lucky to not have an outbreak at home whether it be sheer luck or the astute defenses of hair oil one can only guess. 

Did you know that coconut oil is excellent for skin? Coconut oil is an excellent massage oil that acts as an effective moisturizer for all skin types, including dry skin. Unlike mineral oils, there is no chance of having an adverse side effect on the skin surface from the application of this oil. Therefore, it has been safely used for thousands of years for preventing dryness and flaking of skin. I used coconut oil on my infant when she had irritated skin and cradle cap. After consistent use of coconut oil, her skin was smooth clear, and the cradle cap had disappeared.

The Many Faces of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is said to also help in treating various skin problems, including psoriasis dermatitis, eczema, and other skin issues. For this exact reason, coconut oil forms the base ingredient of different body care products like soaps, lotions, and creams that are used for skin care. It is a stable and skin loving oil with many great qualities.

  • Stress relief: Coconut oil is very soothing, and hence it helps in removing stress. 
  • Diabetes: Coconut oil helps in controlling blood sugar, and improves the secretion of insulin. 
  • Strengthens Bones: As mentioned earlier, coconut oil improves the ability of our body to absorb essential minerals. 
  • Boosts Energy: Coconut oil is often used by athletes, bodybuilders and by those who are dieting. The reason behind this being that it contains fewer calories than other oils, its fat content is easily converted into energy, and it does not lead to accumulation of fat in the heart and arteries. (this information is often misinterpreted.)

Coconut oil is a staple in the Lotus + Aire Skincare line and is used in many natural beauty products presented in this range. 



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